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UDC 621.397

© Sai S. V., 2005

Analysis of sharpness in standard MPEG

The solution of the problem of the quality analysis in reproducing the small details of the color video images on the basis of objective criteria is given in the paper. The results of experimental estimation quality of the video images are shown in standard MPEG-4, which has been received by means of the program analyzer.


  1. Say S. V. Kachestvo peredachi i vosproizvedeniya melkikh detaley tsvetnykh televizionnykh izobrazheniy. Vladivostok, 2003.
  2. Sai S. V. Analysis of Quality of Video Images MPEG-4. 7-th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis New Information Technologies, St. Petersburg, 18-23 October, 2004 // Conference Proceedings. 2004. Vol. III.

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