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UDC 621.436:656.6.001.24

© Kaminsky A. I., 2005

Method of the final amplitude’s isolated waves applied for the prediction one-dimensional gas flow

For numerical simulation of the processes in the units of the air-supply engine system, the precise description of the complicated wave phenomena in the input/output engine pipeline is of great importance. Wide possibilities of the numerical simulating are usually achieved through practical introduction of both simple and effective calculation methods. They are based on the solution of the differential equations for the non-stationary one-dimensional gas flow. One of the most effective and precise methods of solving the initial equations of one-dimensional gas flow is method of characteristics. In the present paper the method of solitary waves with a final amplitude to solve the equation of the non-stationary one-dimensional gas flow is proposed. This method may be viewed as a special case of the method of characteristics.


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