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UDC 338:336.71 (571.62)

© Levintal A. B., 2009

Regional Economy and Banks: Issues of Investment Appeal

The article analyses the economic development of Khabarovsky Krai from the point of view of its investment appeal. The evaluations of the investment climate in Khabarovsky Krai, made by various rating agencies and research organizations, are given. Improvement of Khabarovsky Krai positions in investment appeal indices promotes the development of crediting of the real sector of the regional economy. Activation of investment activities by the credit institutions has been based on favourable changes in the structure of deposits during the last years. As a whole the cooperation of banks and real economy is considered in the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Khabarovsky Krai. This strategy is oriented to the innovative modernization of the branches of the economy, infrastructure development, social reforms realization, creation of favourable investment climate. All these measures are impossible without large bank investments.

Keywords: region, investment appeal


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