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© L. G. Kuznetsova, N. G. Tian, 2013


The paper studies the advertising strategies of commercial banks, their specificity and goals. The authors have grouped commercial banks on the basis of kinds of used advertisements and types of chosen advertising strategies, analyzed the dynamics of advertising expanses of Russian commercial banks and suggested the conclusion about the priority of the Internet as an advertising medium.

Keywords: advertising, commercial bank, strategies, bank advertising, expanses, banking service.


  1. Alec Benn: «Advertising Financial Products and Services: Proven Techniques and Principles for Banks, Investment Firms, Insurance Companies, and Their Agencies»
  2. Expert RA: "The banking sector in 2011»,
  3. The concept of the Savings Bank of Russia until 2012 / / Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. - Mode of access:
  4. Financial ratings - Mode of access: http://banki.ru5.
  5. Rating recognition and trust of the largest banks - Access mode:
  6. Information on the investment and borrowing. - Mode of access: http://www.cbr.ruhttp
  7. Great advertising campaigns. - Mode of access:
  8. DVP to NSD: New Technologies - Access mode:,
  9. How to manage customers Robei.rt S. Kaplan and David P. Norton - Mode of access:
  10. Financial markets - Mode of access:
  11. The banker of the future must be able to write posts - Mode of access:,

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