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UDC 621.941–229.01

© Kulik V. I., 2009

Change (Transformation) of Cutting Angles in Tangential Machining Machine Tools

Many works have considered, in terms of geometry of cut, the deviation of cut-ting angles (angle transformation) in chipmaking, which occurs particularly in tangential machining machine tools. The ratio of the rotation frequency of a tool to the rotation frequency of a workpiece has not been taken into account. The present paper shows that for one at the same geometrical scheme of a machine tool but at different number of revolutions and differing rotation directions of an instrument and a workpiece there are both various machining methods and vari-ous cutting angle transformations at one at the same depth of cut. The paper shows illustrations and a description of two variants of a test bed intended for study of various schemes and methods of machining.

Keywords: tangential machining, cutting angles, angle transformation, schemes, types, methods of machining, solar center

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