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© Yakunin S.V., Sineva M.V., 2009

Peculiarities of Inflation Targeting

At present time more and more countries transit to the regime of inflation targeting. The main principles of this regime are reflected in official documents of those countries. However, there are some peculiarities in transition of the countries to the regime of inflation targeting. Domestic and foreign scientists speak about necessity of certain factors for transition. Nevertheless, studying the practice of countries’ transition to the inflation targeting regime shows that most of conditions mentioned as required for successful introduction of the regime are actually just necessary but not obligatory. Thereby, the peculiarities exist both in transition and realization of the regime of inflation targeting and this testifies impossibility of elaboration of unified mechanism for all the countries decided to introduce this regime.

Keywords: price stability, monetary policy, inflation targeting regime, conditions, independence of the Central Bank, monetary and credit policy


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