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UDC 338.45.001.76 (571.62)

© Zubarev A.E., Khalimendik V.B., 2009

The Analysis of Innovation Activity of Enterprises and Organizations in Khabarovsky Krai

Innovative activity of enterprises and organizations defines the extant of their participation in innovative activities in the whole or its separate kinds during the specified time. In the article the reasons of low innovative activity of enterprises in Khabarovsky Krai are considered. On the basis of the analysis of statistical reports of enterprises and organizations in Khabarovsky Krai in the years 2000 – 2007 the authors have evaluated the level of innovative activity and revealed the main factors which counteract realization and development of innovative activities. The authors have also formulated the principle model of control of enterprise innovative activities taking into consideration a life cycle stage of project and a phase of innovative process.

Keywords: innovations, innovative activities, innovative activitiy, innovative process


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